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Toy shop at Paramountzone to find the very latest toys, games, gadgets and gizmos! Toy shopping has never been so easy or so much fun, now you can do it online from the comfort of your own home. No need to lose the kids in the long aisles of the toy shop in the high street any longer, you can toy shop online, with your kids safely where you put them!

We don't just have wooden toys and puzzles here, we have the latest toys, the latest crazes, the must have toys of the day that no self respecting child, or overgrown one, can be without! In the toy shop we have toys for boys ranging from remote control helicopters, to robotic curiosities. Toys for outside, toys for inside, whatever you are looking for you will be able to find something to play with at Paramountzone's toy shop.

Check out some of these items from our toy shop that we think you might like:

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Paramountzone has toys in store that will suit any taste. Try using our toy shop gift finder which will find toys suitable for any type of person on any occasion. Just enter who you are looking for a gift for, what occasion and their personality type, and you will be shown a selection of cool toys and gadgets that will be suitable for that person.

We have some pretty interesting and unique games for adults and children too. You will never be at a loss when friends come over again if you browse our selection and in fact be warned, some of these games are so much fun you may have a job getting rid of guests!

You are going to find something here that will amuse you, so have a great time looking around and remember to check back for the latest toys updated as they come in! If you have a special request then drop us a line.

Paramountzone's toy shop has items available to buy online on a 100% secure server, or over the phone. We are based in London, and delivery is fast, reliable and to anywhere Worldwide.


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